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Walter Sahli

President of the Board of Directors

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are very pleased to welcome you to our website. Our company was formed in the summer of 2017 as a result of the merger of Ekko Technik AG (founded in 1954) and Hans Meister AG (founded in 1945). We can therefore justifiably claim to be a long-established company with plenty of experience, expertise and know-how but at the same time a young, dynamic and ambitious organisation with its sights set on accomplishing great things in the thrust bearings and stamped parts sector as well as in the stamping toolmaking sector.
The two "original companies" have been working very closely together for some time and I am confident that our existing customers will benefit from the many synergy effects that will arise from what is now an even closer relationship. We are confident also that potential new customers will be pleasantly surprised to learn how much technology potential our new, young and yet highly experienced company is able to offer.

We look forward to talking with you. We look forward to the future.

Walter Sahli