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Corporate responsibility policies and objectives

Because they have a responsibility to raise employees’ awareness of their quality, environmental and safety performance, senior managers are expected to set a good example in this regard. More specifically, they should motivate employees and encourage them to take full ownership of the tasks they are assigned. Every employee, regardless of their position or credentials, is wholly responsible for their thoughts and actions. Quantifiable targets appropriate to the employee's level and position will be used to evaluate, confirm and, if necessary, correct job performance.    

Feasibility statement

Production of any stamped parts or thrust bearings ordered by customers will be based on a detailed feasibility statement. In this statement, the manufacturer irrevocably undertakes to produce all parts as specified and to adjust the manufacturing processes to ensure that specifications are met. This feasibility statement is always submitted at a very early stage of a project so that the expectations and requirements of both sides can be optimally coordinated and precisely defined.   

Cooperation and customer benefit agreement

It is the responsibility of our employees to fulfil customer agreements in such a way that the customer is satisfied and never feels disappointed for having placed their trust in our company. We must be able to measure the direct customer benefits and the price/performance ratio of the products we manufacture. Production and Sales must therefore be informed of the customer's requirements so that they can work towards delivering maximum customer benefit. 

Information and training

In order to achieve our stated goals and ensure the stipulated quality of all worksteps, employees should be notified in detail of the objectives and processes that have been agreed with the customer. We regularly review the qualifications of our employees and provide support for appropriate training programmes on an individual basis.    

Environmental protection

Protecting our environment requires us to take into account both economic and environmental goals at all times. When introducing new processes, we must stress the importance of environmental performance and always use raw materials, energy and water as sparingly as possible. Wherever possible, we will return unused and waste materials to the manufacturing process or dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. We commit ourselves to continuously improve our environmental performance.    

Health and safety

We take a systematic approach both to training and to the provision of information on accident prevention, occupational safety and health protection with a view to encouraging all employees to observe safety measures and to wear their protective clothing.    

Process control and safety

Thanks to a well run organisation with short lines of communication, we are able to react flexibly, quickly and reliably to changing customer requirements. Our customers should be able to rely on receiving the products they have ordered at the right time and in the specified quantity and quality. To accomplish this, we employ a variety of processes and methods to maintain the zero-defect principle. By defining suitable manufacturing and behavioural processes, and providing ongoing training and development for our employees, we pursue a proactive error prevention approach in all areas. These measures enable us to achieve a high level of efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

Partners and other stakeholders

Our suppliers are our partners. We are happy to help them to develop the processes they use to meet our requirements. We expect our suppliers to comply with environmental and occupational safety laws as well as with health and safety regulations. If necessary, we will consult with government agencies, associations, etc. (stakeholders) in order to meet environmental and occupational safety requirements. 

Compliance with quality standards

We carry out regular audits to check that the measures specified by senior management are being properly implemented. Should deviations from the prescribed quality, environmental and safety standards occur, appropriate corrective and preventive measures will be taken immediately. This allows us to guarantee the commitment to continuously improve the management system.