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A dynamic company

Ekko-Meister AG is a dynamic company and one of the leading suppliers in the field of custom drawn cup needle roller bearings as well as a leading toolmaker and producer of small, high-precision stamped parts.

The company‘s global customers are based in sectors that include automotive, premium consumer goods, medical technology and electrical engineering.
They benefit from Ekko-Meister‘s technical expertise, outstanding quality, and strong customer focus.

Our team

Ekko-Meister is based in Lengnau BE; the logistics center is in Grechen SO.
The Managing Director is Martin Meister, who is also in charge of Engineering.
Lukas Pfister (Director of Finance, Administration and Human Resources) and Claudio Palazzi (Director of Sales and Marketing) are the other members of the senior management team.
Walter Sahli is the president of the Board of Directors.

The best of two worlds

Ekko-Meister AG, based in Lengnau in the Swiss canton of Berne, was formed in the summer of 2017 with the merger of two companies: Ekko Technik AG and Hans Meister AG.
Ekko Technik AG was founded in 1954 and specialised in the manufacture of thrust bearings, their components as well as stamped and bent parts.
Hans Meister AG was founded in 1945 and manufactured small, complex stamped parts and stamping tools.