We act in accordance with your demand – especially when it comes to the volume production of thrust bearings. We work with several fully automatic assembly lines as well as with various semi-automatic machines. That means maximum flexibility for you, because we can produce different bearings at the same time. Some of our production lines have been designed to deal with a variety of products. Also, we are very flexible – in the truest sense of the word - as far as production capacity is concerned. Depending on geometries and quantities, we can produce either on semi-automatic or on fully automatic machines. We also enjoy complex production challenges. We feed individual components – including the bearing washers we manufacture in-house – and the balls, ball cages and grease into our automated tools and use different types of lubricant to ensure the required coefficient of friction for the roller bearings. Of course, we fully comply with all specifications. No matter what the circumstances, we strive for zero defects and therefore guarantee a comprehensive inspection of the finished products, the produced components and their lubrication. With us, you get everything from one source. Including a certification mark.