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Plastic injection molding

We not only offer high-precision stamped parts, but also customized plastic and metal-plastic hybrid parts. Ekko-Meister can co-develop your individual parts and assemblies, manufacture the injection mold, and economically produce the plastic or hybrid parts.

Our plastic injection molding machines have a clamping force of up to 60 tons and are fully equipped. Including a modern, articulated robot that easily masters even complex motion sequences.

With the help of our designers, toolmakers and plastics specialists, we can offer a wide range of plastic parts that you can use in many demanding industries thanks to our IATF 16949 certification and AIAG CQI-23 assessments.

Product Range

Plastic parts: Pure plastic parts are manufactured by us in both simple and complex designs according to customer requirements. A few examples are plastic ball cages for ball bearings, housing parts, plug connections, or geared parts.

Hybrid parts: By combining the strengths of both metal and plastic, we can create particularly powerful components.

Hybrid parts can, for example, be found in electrical contacts or in mechatronics such as actuators. In cooperation with our high-precision stamping department we can produce hybrid parts completely in-house.

Depending on the application, quantity requirements and the final product, the plastic and metal parts can also be manufactured separately. In the next step, both parts are assembled. This can be done either fully automated, partially automated or manually.

Prototype production: Thanks to our engineering service, we can help you specify your plastic parts from a very early stage in your planning process. Even Production prototypes (= as close to the product deliverable as possible) can be manufactured in a flexible and timely manner.

We are happy to accompany you through every phase of your project to ensure that you get the high-quality, competitive product you need.

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